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Firelight (Firelight Series)

Firelight (Firelight Series) - I can't say that I ever thought I'd give a book about dragons (okay - draki) a try. Glad I gave it a go although it wasn't the best story out there. Jacinda, a rare fire-breathing draki (shape shifting dragon), is happy enough with her life although she wishes for some freedom. When she risks too much, her mother takes Jacinda and her twin away from the pride. Momma hopes that by settling in a desert town, the draki portion of Jacinda will wither and die. What no one counted on was a young man whose mission in life is to hunt and kill draki would perhaps save Jacinda.Pluses - compelling plot, interesting leads, good set-up of the fantasy world, WillMinuses - a bit hard to like Jacinda, cookie-cuter bad guys, underdeveloped characters, WillWill's on both lists because he's just a bit too perfect. The follow-up to this one will be published in a few weeks. I'm eager to give it a go.