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The Mockingbirds

The Mockingbirds - Daisy Whitney I wanted more from the book than I was given. Even with that, I will say it was a worthwhile read. Set in an exclusive boarding school, the students are as perfect as can be. Perfect enough to maintain their own judicial system since the school seems to wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to the antics of their students. Alex, a junior music-wiz, drinks too much at a concert and ends up in the room of an unsavory peer. What happens that night isn't consensual.Alex's friends convince her to plead her case with the Mockingbirds - the student judicial system. As her memories of her assault return, Alex's emotions bounce from shame to rage to indifference. The eventual (obvious) ending arrives and we are left with a renewed Alex moving forward to lead the Mockingbirds.Pros - realistic depiction of date-rape insomuch as there isn't any over-the-top shenanigans when it comes to the event, nice range of secondary characters, Martin (I did love Martin)Cons - not so sure I believe a school would turn a blind eye to some of the events that take place here, I didn't fully invest in Alex, weak background on her sister who should have been a larger character sooner.