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Story of a Girl

Story of a Girl - The story of this girl isn't exactly a happy one. Deanna is a disappointment to her father, a source of concern for her brother, a constant worry for her mother, and a half-assed friend. For all that Deanna hopes to do - change her life, help her brother and his new family, move past the hurt, she manages to sabotage big chunks of potential happiness.Deanna was part of a somewhat consensual sexual relationship with an older boy. She was too young (13) and he was too old (17) and the end of the tryst was the catalyst for the downhill slide Deanna's life took.This isn't a book that walks you down the path of falling in love with the main characters. No one in this book is bright and shiny and easy to love. Instead, Sara Zarr has delivered a gritty little tale about growing up the hard way. I enjoyed this story but can't say it lit me on fire.