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But I Love Him

But I Love Him - Amanda Grace This story - told in reverse chronological order - covers a year in the life of a 17-yr-old girl who falls in love with a damaged young man. The physical and emotional abuse doled out to Connor over the years has turned him into a study of opposites. He is shy and sweet juxtaposed with harsh and hateful. This is a quick read and a worthwhile one. The storytelling method is highly effective. We begin with the end in mind and are not given an opportunity to draw our own line in sand and say, 'I would have left him when he did x or when he say y.' we're pulled across a year's time and we start with the lowest point. We start with the hate and unwind to the love. At my age, I can stand apart from this tale and see every sign and label every person involved. For a younger reader, I believe this story would help open their eyes to the very real fact that love shouldn't hurt and the only person you can change is yourself.