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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion What a wonderfully refreshing book! I was initially hesitant to read this one because the whole realm of zombies has never appealed to me. My concerns were unfounded when it came to this well-written story. Sure, R is a zombie and he eats the Living. Sure, he hangs out at a creepy, abandoned airport and has zombie friends who also eat the Living. He's way more than a zombie. Isaac Marion does a great job of building an undead world and infusing it with a vocabulary and structure all its own. When R meets Julie and eats her boyfriend, we get to see an awakening that will lead to a fusion of the Living and the Dead. R's thoughts and insights - interlaced with those of his last meal (the aforementioned boyfriend) - left me wanting to read faster and somehow slow it all down to stay in this crazy world. R is reminiscent of an Edward Scissorhands-ish character - somehow an innocent in the midst of all the death and murder (is it?) who manages to grow and come to life (pun intended). Julie is a sad, strong, brave, and needy woman who somehow turned an end-of-the-road situation into a strong hope for a new world.A great story!