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Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2) - More like 3.5; might make it to 4 when I sleep on it. I liked big chunks of this one, but I was disappointed and confused by other pieces. More to come. I will say that Four (I can't do Tobias yet) remains high on my list.Keeping it at 3.5. This book was entertaining and I'm completely on board with the world-building and atmosphere presented by the author. I am still in lust/love with Four. Tris...I wanted to smack Tris way too many times. Here's my problem with this one. About halfway through the book, I became convinced that the whole thing was one big simulation for Tris. Why did I think that? Because of the confusion and unevenness in the storytelling. I didn't want to think that the author had lost her way. I STILL am not 100% sure that we won't find out that even more of this story was simulation than we were first told. Tobias's behavior was off more than once (trusted his mom way too fast), Tris was a nincompoop too many times to count, and pieces of the plot puzzle just don't add up. Am I thrilled with this book? No. Did I like it? Sure.