I read. I read. I read.
Shadow of Night - Deborah Harkness Probably closer to 3.5. I need to reread this at some point and judge it again then. Not as enjoyable as the first book but it isn't a flop by any means. More notes in the spoiler tags.Pros - More witches and the full (so we think) discovery of Diana's talents. I liked most everything that had the witches in it.- Gallowglass. I want one.- Meeting Philippe. Big points for that story arc.- Romance. Mostly a pro. Can I smack them both for their craziness, though?Cons- Too long. This needed some editing. I was more tolerant of the wordiness in the first book. The second one suffers from it.- Prague. This section needed to be condensed. - Stuffing so much into the last 75 pages. Why did Matthew put up with Kit for so long? Why wasn't he dispatched after the first transgression? That was out of character.What in the heck is the author going to do to sew up the plot hole she created with the length of time they spent in the past? I liked the touchbacks to the future. I wish we'd have gotten a bit more of them.Will I read the last book? Heck, yeah. I just wish so much for tighter editing. The world doesn't need to endure 600 page books for most anything.