I read. I read. I read.
Drowning Instinct - Ilsa J. Bick This book grabbed me from the beginning. Jenna's story is a mixed up mess of family issues, personal crisis, and sadness. There are elements present that will turn some off, but I found the entire book to be fast-paced and intriguing. The book opens with the last scene of the book. A police detective implores Jenna to give voice to her experiences by recording them. What we're privy to next is Jenna's perspective of a family tragedy, an illicit affair, and the unraveling of a mess of lies. The entire arc of Mr. Anderson was handled masterfully. The author puts the right amount of shine on what should be a blatantly bad situation. When the truth (or what Jenna can uncover of it) is unveiled about him, it's both obvious and sad. I was a bit wary of this author given the unfortunate turn I felt her previous novel - ASHES - took, but I don't feel like she missed a step with this one. This is a solid, stand-alone novel.