I read. I read. I read.
A Million Suns - Beth Revis I was disappointed with this book. Although Across the Universe wasn't perfect, it had a spark and a hook. I cared about Elder and Amy and was intrigued by the concept. With this follow-up, the spark was missing. Elder devolved into a plot point rather than a main character. Amy's attitude overwhelmed her innocence. Villains were painted with too broad a stroke and there weren't enough secondary characters involved to prop up the story while the main characters were having fits. The book should have been more heavily edited. Maybe paring down the story by a hundred pages or so would have picked up the pace and kept the reader engaged.For all the complaining I just did, I will read the final book when it is published in January 2013. The last 75 pages were exciting and the new journey that is ahead of Elder (give him a real name now, please) and Amy may be able to revive my interest in the trilogy.