I read. I read. I read.
The Scorpio Races - Maggie Stiefvater It likely wasn't the author's desire for a reader to twiddle her thumbs the first half of the book and read like a madwoman the second half, but it's what happened all the same.I was captivated by the legend of the capaill uisce during the beginning of this book. The setting, the background characters, the horses...everything except the protagonists pulled me in. Just as soon as I resigned myself to plow through this book, I became invested in both Sean and Puck's futures and off we went.Sean, the silent and stoic man who has more than a magic touch with all the horses the island has to offer, reminded me very much of Sam from the Shiver trilogy by the same author. There's something about him that kept me from engaging in his story in the same way I invested in Sam's though. I think he finally won me over when he showed up with a loaf of bread and buoyed Puck's heart.Puck, Kate, her I was always interested but not necessarily moved until probably the night of the storm. She's an intriguing character. Plus, she's a redhead. That makes it all okay.Here's the thing for me with this book. I liked it but I felt like the story I wanted to read didn't start until too much of the book had passed. The story didn't feel bloated but it felt like there was too much time devoted to setting the tone and that left little time to capitalize on it.