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Unraveled - Courtney Milan Such an enjoyable conclusion to the Turner storyline. One of the things I've enjoyed must about this series (three books, a novella, and a few outtakes on the author's site) has been the interwoven story lines. The bits and pieces spread throughout the various stories tied up very nicely with this book. Smite was just what I wanted him to be, Miranda was a perfectly matched addition to this crazy family, and the mystery throughout the last story was intriguing without being overwhelming. The horrors Smite endured during his youth, the incident at Eton, and his ongoing self-imposed exile from family and friends all provide the perfect counterpoint to Miranda's should-have-been hard-to-endure youth, her scrappiness, and her general attitude about her station.It's not possible to be more specific without ruining plot points. I do want to say that the author never puts her readers through the obvious plots that come with so many romances. There are instances in this book where it would have been so easy to create a tried-and-true damsel in distress or a communication misunderstanding and fill the book with meaningless words. She doesn't take that route - in any of the Turner books - and for that I'm very grateful.If you enjoy historical romances, hot scenes, and compelling characters, give this series a go. You won't regret it.