I read. I read. I read.
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin Extremely disappointed with this book. Too many cliches and a confusing and meandering plot combined with a wholly unlikeable heroine. Also, I know it's meant to be a paranormal story but if there is a zero-believability factor in the non-paranormal parts, I can't buy into it. No way her parents would be such pushovers, her older brother would most certainly not be such a conspirator with a boy he doesn't even know, her new best buddy just magically disappears when the plot demands it, she's universally hated at her new school, a teacher would NOT throw things at a student, a principal would not dismiss a student's complaints without any sort of follow-up, and the list could go on. I'm angry that the author thinks so little of her readers. Even if I was target audience age (I'm guessing 12 - 18-year-olds), I'd be smarter than this book.