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Hold Still - Nina LaCour Hold Still is a book about living wrapped up in the story of suicide. Caitlin's best friend, Ingrid, commented suicide unexpectedly. We meet Caitlin the summer after this event which is also the summer before her junior year of high school. The concept of using Ingrid's journal - discovered by Caitlin by chance - to touch back on events in the girls' past worked beautifully. It allowed the reader to connect with Ingrid in a way that simple exposition would not have afforded. There are illustrations in the book - not too many - that also allow the reader to form a connection.Secondary characters are well-written and well-used. Caitlin's parents are extremely well-received and function as adults with purpose. Her friend, Dylan, serves a dual purpose. Her friend and something-more, Taylor, is a sweet boy with such earnest connections.Smart, quiet, well-crafted book.