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A Little Wanting Song - Cath Crowley A Little Wanting Song is a fine, unassuming novel that surprised me by taking me on a journey through a sweet, sad, and dynamic summer with Charlie and Rose.The narrative alternated between Charlie, a lonely city girl, and Rose, a smart country girl. The short chapters passed quickly and the style of writing set a melancholy tone. There's humor and wit in the characters to temper the air of sadness.I enjoyed this story and its little intricacies. Dave, Charlie's summer crush, provided just the right amount of romance to the story. Luke, Rose's long-standing boyfriend, was the type of boy you just can't quit. I was pleased with the authentic lives of the parents in this story, too. None of them perfect but all of them present. Nice touch for a YA novel.This one left me wanting more in the right way. I don't need a follow-up novel to imagine the characters in this book growing up.