I read. I read. I read.
Amy and Roger's Epic Detour - Morgan Matson What to say about this sweet, fast-paced little road trip romance book?! I was pulled into the story from the beginning. Amy's a soon-to-be senior who has recently lost her father. Exactly how he died and the extend of Amy's involvement isn't made clear when we begin this story. Roger, a long-ago friend, has agreed to accompany Amy on a cross-country trip to her new home in New England. Their adventures on their epic detour made me smile and sometimes wipe a tear from my eyes.The author does a supreme job of conveying the emotions of Amy and Roger. Told from Amy's perspective, we still get an in-depth look at Roger's own journey. Far from the standard cookie-cutter YA romance book, this story and these characters exhibit multi-layered and authentic personalities. I'd recommend sticking to a paper copy of this book so that you can enjoy the tidbits of scrapbook scattered throughout it - tickets, menus, receipts, and PLAYLISTS. Next up is going back through the chapters to look up some of the songs from Roger's lists. Being a musical buff, I'm already very familiar with Amy's contributions.My one gripe - and it's because I'm a cross-country road warrior - was that I couldn't get over the subtle geographical allowances the author made. Maybe it's just because I am all about finding the shortest route from A to B. I might get past that if someone offers me a Roger as a travel companion! In summary, READ THIS BOOK!