I read. I read. I read.
Living Dead Girl - Elizabeth Scott Although this book is tagged as YA/teen, I'd be very selective about which teen I allowed to read this. Perhaps with supervision and discussion, this book would be suitable for younger teens. Alice is taken away from a supervised school field trip by Ray. Ray likes little girls. What happens over the next five years breaks my heart. Alice lives with Ray if you want to call it living. He brainwashes her into believing he'll not only kill her - which she'd welcome gladly - but that he'll go back and kill her family at 623 Daisy Lane.This book makes me want to round up every little girl I've ever cared about and chaperon them until they are old enough to understand there are people out there who only want to hurt them.I rated this book high because the author does an outstandingly good job conveying the terror, grief, rage, fear, and sickness that make up Alice's life. I hated this story, though. Hated it. Knowing that some iteration of this sick tale is happening in the world right now makes me feel so powerless and sad.