I read. I read. I read.
Stolen: A Letter to My Captor - Lucy Christopher I've only just finished this book (letter?), and my thoughts are a bit scattered still. Gemma's been stolen away from her parents at an airport by Ty. When we pick back up with an alert Gemma, the story takes off. She's been taken to the middle of the Australian deserts by what we can only presume is a most unstable person. What happens next can be viewed as predictable but I didn't know how this one would end until Gemma told me.I was impressed by the courage displayed by Gemma. When others would have given in, given up, checked out - she kept trying. There were times when I wanted to tell her to give up, though. I would have, I think.I'm a bit mixed up about how I feel about Ty. Hideously wrong what he did. Why he did it - what lead him to the series of decisions that ended with Gemma as his - is what gives me pause. I spent the entire story feeling a mix of disgust and pity towards him. I tried to stay detached when Gemma started to soften towards him. This story contains moments of beauty when Gemma describes the landscape that she's starting to accept, when Ty tells Gemma about the legends that shape his life, and when they both stop to appreciate the small bits of Australia around them. On the other hand, I have Googled way too much about the Australian outback and Death Adders.The strength of this story outweighs the flaws, and I'm excited to read more books by this promising author.